UK operators can have a say on ‘industry first’ digital ID consultation

There’s still time for UK betting operators to have their voices heard in an industry first consultation on how “digital ID” technology could transform the gambling industry, say organisers.

The call came after it was revealed more than 40 of the country’s leading gambling companies – as well as overseas stakeholders – have already had their say.

The consultation, run by age verification and digital ID services provider 1account, seeks the views of the industry’s leading decision makers about how gamblers can be helped to track their financial position across multiple accounts in real time through use of digital ID technology.

According to official figures, an estimated 24 million adults – that’s just over a third (35%) of the UK population – gamble regularly, with around 10.5 million doing so online.

Research by the Gambling Commission highlights that, of those UK gamblers playing online, the average number of betting accounts per player is three, with younger gamblers likely to hold more than five accounts.

“Problems can arise for gamblers once they open multiple online betting accounts and lose track of their overall financial position,” said Ben Keirle, CEO and founder of 1account.

“While some operators do provide tools showing players’ net deposit position – their deposits minus withdrawals – that doesn’t really help someone with seven accounts to know their true financial situation.”

The answer to this is a digital ID solution run across all a player’s betting accounts to reveal their actual position which ultimately, says 1account, helps gamblers and operators alike.


“Right now, we are consulting the UK gambling industry, including betting operators, charities and the Gambling Commission, for their views on how digital ID can allow better self-regulation of betting activity,” continued Ben.

“A properly-implemented digital ID can also provide the means for licensed operators to make informed decisions on responsible player account management such as, but not limited to, spend or deposit limits on player accounts.

“This will be an industry first and has the potential to radically change the way betting activity works in the UK for the better.”

He added: “We have had a hugely positive response already to our industry-wide consultation and are calling for more operators to come forward and have their say on this new technology or risk missing the opportunity to have their voices heard on this crucially important issue.”

Ralph Topping, former CEO of William Hill, now sits on the advisory board of 1account. He said: “The gambling industry in the UK takes its responsibilities to customers extremely seriously, however they can only act on the information they themselves hold about a person’s activities.

“A digital identity, linked to all a player’s gambling accounts, shows that person an overview of their net deposits, meaning they can moderate their play accordingly and not only bet less at certain times, but know when they’re in a position to safely play more.”

Ben continued: “Our consultation and proposal, which will result in an industry first if adopted, is aimed exclusively at putting more control in the hands of individual players, supporting safer play and enabling operators to make better player account management decisions.

“1account’s digital identity takes the best of existing controls and pushes them even further by integrating solutions while fully protecting sensitive data and individual privacy, as well as providing a joined up-net deposit position regardless of where a player bets.”

He added: “This not only supports the industry’s drive to provide responsible gaming across the board, it also serves the interest of gamblers themselves by delivering greater than ever transparency and visibility of their financial position across all their accounts and activities.”

1account’s consultation on how digital IDs can transform the betting industry ends on August 20. To find out more about 1account go to and, to take part in the consultation, email

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