Symplify partners with Flows

Symplify, has partnered with Flows. Symplify’s CRM suite is seamlessly integrated into Flow’s platform, and the joining of the two platforms will enable CRM and marketing teams to utilise the data within Flows’ UI.

Robert Kimber, Symplify CEO, said: “We see Flows as a perfect partner that not only solves a problem for many organisations out there, but does it in a way that sits very well with our own vision and philosophy.”

“Flows is simple to use, yet handles the complexity that organisations regularly face when handling data between different platforms.”

James King, Flows CEO, said: “Partnering with Symplify is a strategic and important step for us given the many synergies between the two businesses. Pioneering technology is at the heart of this partnership and our growing client list is well positioned to greatly benefit from our collaboration.”

“To be able to partner with a business as established as Symplify, who have been working across multiple industries for over 20 years is a wonderful reflection of how far we’ve come in a reasonably short time. I’m very excited to watch our partnership mature and to continue to see the different ways in which Flows is utilised.”

Flows automates key digital processes, accelerates development of enhanced digital features, while building bespoke apps to solve common problems faced by operators. With Flows, organisations have full ownership of their product roadmaps, can integrate with any app or data source quickly, coordinate multiple systems, and automate workflows in real time.

This partnership allows companies using Flows to harness the full potential of Symplify CRM to manage their acquisition and retention, while utilising more than 10 channels of communication. Symplify’s range of personalisation features, channels, AI and ML functionality will allow its customers to fully understand and maximise their return on investment.

Kimber added: “We are very excited to partner up with Flows and see this as a long term engagement that strengthen both our brands as this is one of the most crucial parts of working with complex solutions that require integrations, and data flowing between platforms.”

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