Lotto NZ utilises Neccton’s player protection software

The New Zealand Lotteries Commission – better known as Lotto NZ to players – has been furnishing the country’s players with a variety of games, and using the proceeds to give financial assistance to many worthy causes.

Lotto NZ has now recognised the need to give its online players the ultimate in protection by using Neccton’s mentor software. The relationship began when Neccton won the contract via a public tender process, in which the company had to prove its credentials and explain how it would best serve Lotto NZ players. After winning the prized contract, Neccton’s Dr Michael Auer, has been working with the Lotto NZ team to reinforce their Responsible Gambling ethos across the group’s online offering. Neccton’s software mentor is a player behaviour analysis tool which alerts the operator and contacts players who display critical behaviour directly.

Lotto NZ’s online players are now guarded by mentor’s AI-based solution that analyses player behaviour in real-time to prevent problem gambling habits evolving. The software recognises possible problematic behaviour and works to help both player and operator to identify and address the issue. For example, players are informed when their deposit frequency is increasing significantly, and helps customers make better-informed decisions about their play with individualised feedback. Lotto NZ provides instant win games, plus daily Keno, alongside their traditional lottery tickets, to registered players online. Mentor is now monitoring the play patterns of those customers to ensure they gamble responsibly and do not develop harmful play habits.

Dr Michael Auer said of the partnership: “We are always very proud when well-established organisations use our tools to help their players. Our reach is increasing international as our reputation grows, and operators of all kinds are recognising the value of our software, and the validity of our approach to player protection, which we believe is unique.”

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