Income Access partners with Sahara Games

Income Access announced the launch of a new affiliate programme with Sahara Games. The online sportsbook and casino brand operates across multiple markets in sub-Saharan Africa. Powered by the Republic of Seychelles-based Sahara Game Technology Corporation, Sahara Games will use the Income Access affiliate marketing platform, as well as its affiliate management services to accelerate its customer acquisition efforts.

Holding multiple licences in accordance with regional requirements across Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Mozambique, Sahara Games provides an expansive catalogue of product offerings, including casino and live casino games, sports betting, eSports wagering, and virtual sports.

The launch of Sahara Games’ affiliate programme with Income Access will provide marketing partners with access to multi-channel tracking and reporting solution to help them employ data-driven promotional strategies. Acquisition efforts are further supported by a wide range of first-time and recurring player offers, a full list of which can be found on the Sahara Games promotions page.

Jeff Halloran, managing director at Sahara Games, said: “As a leader in the African market, we knew we had to have the leader in the affiliate market, and there is only one. We see Income Access not just as an affiliate platform but as a partner in our growth strategy in order to achieve our long-term goals.”

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