Habanero’s Before Time Runs Out

Arcangelo Lonoce, Head of Business Development Europe for Habanero, talks to Gaming International Online about the company’s recent hit game

Gaming International Online: What makes Before Time Runs Out recognisable as a Habanero game? What makes your games stand out to players?

Arcangelo Lonoce: Like every Habanero game, Before Time Runs Out showcases stunning graphics, immersive sound effects and flawless mathematics. We’ve also added a new Duel Feature, where the title’s main character, a handsome prince, faces-off against an enemy Vizier, with players collecting eye-popping prizes when the hero wins six battles.

Before Time Runs Out is part of a recent string of scintillating Habanero releases that also includes the retro Return to the Feature, which rolls back the years with a Walkman, hi-tops and 1980s-inspired graphics while introducing a brand new concept in being able to flash-back to your winning features!


GIO: In your experience is a life-changing jackpot more appealing to players, or many smaller and more frequent jackpots?

AL: Of course, a win of £10million is not the same as one of, say, £50,000. However, once a player understands the logic of a game, then smaller wins of a greater frequency are likely to be a more effective way of retaining them.

Regulation also plays a significant role, as in most regulated markets, network jackpots are ring-fenced within the country’s border, meaning that the fabled millionaire pots advertised globally cannot be achieved. And that’s before you come to the fact that players enjoy slots primarily because of entertainment – rather than the prospect of winning large sums. It’s not the same as the lottery, because the quality of the game itself is the most important factor of all.