Bingoal brings Neccton on board

Bingoal has enlisted the help of Neccton’s mentor software for its online casino and sportsbook in the Netherlands.

mentor tracks possible problematic gambling behaviour using real-time data analysis and works to help both players and operators to identify potential issues early. The tool recognises triggers such as a significant increase in deposit frequency, and alerts the operator and directly contacts the player, helping the player make better-informed decisions about their play. In addition, mentor includes modules for Fraud, AML and aCRM.

Dr Michael Auer, Neccton director and head of development, said: “We started our research in gambling 15 years ago and have published multiple academic studies in the area of player tracking and responsible gaming.”

“We have shown that players who gamble responsibly are more loyal, and their customer lifetime is significantly longer. We are proud to assist millions of players across dozens of brands around the world and to add Bingoal to this family.”

A Bingoal spokesperson added: “We are always looking for tools to improve our platform in order to better protect players from the potential risks of gambling addiction. Dr Michael Auer is an expert in the field of responsible gaming and that expertise is passed on to the mentor tool. For Bingoal it was a logical choice to choose mentor as a responsible gaming tool.

“mentor will help us to detect and approach players who show risky gaming behaviour in a proactive way. In this way we can ensure that we can build a lasting and loyal relationship with our players so that participating in gaming is and remains a pleasure.”

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